I’ve delivered couple of talks and written about some topics, years ago. I am no longer doing that, at least not publicly. I keep these for archival purposes. Even the links are broken!

Concepts of Operating a Web Site was a slideshow I used while delivering a COMP 461 lecture.

I’ve editored proceedings of tOSSad Workshop on “Governmental, Educational, Usability, and Legal Issues towards Open Source Software Adoption in an enlarged Europe” which was an EU project funded under FP6 IST, with Bülent Özel and Kaan Erkan.

Türkiye’deki Üniversiteleri İnternet’te Daha Görünür Kılan Faktörler was a paper authored with Harald Schmidbauer and Vehbi Sinan Tunalıoğlu which was presented in Türkiye’de İnternet conference. (Title in English: The factors that make the universities in Turkey more visible on the Internet)

Sanal Dünyada Varolmak: Üniversite ve Internet was a paper authored with Harald Schmidbauer, Mehmet Gençer and Vehbi Sinan Tunalıoğlu, presented in Akademik Bilişim conference. (Title in English: Existence in the Virtual World: University and Internet)

Güvenlik Duvarı Kurallarına Birim Test Yöntemi Uygulanması was a paper authored with Remzi Emre Başar, presented in Akademik Bilişim conference. (Title in English: Applying Unit Testing Methodology on Firewall Rules)

Cacti: Ağınızın Yönetim Kokpiti (Cacti: Control Panel on Your Network)

IP Muhasebesi: IPTables ve RRDTool’a Uygulamalı Giriş (IP Accounting: Hands on Introduction to IPTables and RRDTool)

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